Presentation of the concept

European centre focusing on High Performance Computing

High Performance Simulation is vital technique used by companies in their efforts to remain competitive and meet major scientific challenges. It can be used to design products which are better suited to customers’ needs more quickly, and to analyse and understand complex phenomena.

Promoting High Performance Simulation is a priority both for industry and the academic world, not to mention the opportunities it presents for IT companies. With this in mind, the major players of the various fields have formed the association TERATEC, which has now gained the support of the local authorities, keen to further the development of their region.

TERATEC, whose primary mission is to contribute to the development of intensive and high performance computing, was designed with the following purposes:

  • To foster and set up cooperative R&D projects involving various partners.
  • To encourage access to some the world’s most powerful processors.
  • To develop skills through training, seminars, and conferences, etc.

In order to reach these objectives, TERATEC is building the first European centre focusing on High Performance Computing and Simulation, in order to:

  • Set up shared research laboratories able to carry out high-level research projects in the field of intensive computing and high performance digital simulation.
  • Attract the major players to a campus which will create jobs and develop skills in those areas.
  • Help create and support start-ups and young companies.

As a major player in Europe in simulation and intensive computing, TERATEC is located right at the heart of the R&D technopole.

TERATEC is a member of the world competition cluster "SYSTEMATIC Paris-Region".